The Miami County Park District has one of the leading hands-on, curriculum-based environmental education programs in the state. 

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Through levy funds, the Park District offers award winning educational programs to local school children at no charge.

These programs compliment the local schools’ curriculum while meeting state science standards. The interdisciplinary programs incorporate hands-on classroom activities, outdoor investigations, music and art. Look through the Education Program Brochure (k-34-6) to discover all the exciting options offered to Miami County Schools. If you have a topic that is not listed, contact Cinda at our Education Department to discuss developing a program to fit your needs.

Environmental Education Grants are available to help schools fun sessions at various Miami County Parks. Click here for more information on available grants.

Nature Live!

​Nature LIVE! is a new way to experience field trips. Your students get to stay in their classroom or homes to attend these 20 minute sessions. We will utilize Zoom and other platforms to bring the park to you when you cannot reach the park. Each topic has a series of Nature LIVE! sessions and is aligned with Ohio state standards for specific grade levels. Follow this link to learn more.

Hug the Earth/Watershed

Hug the Watershed with the Banana Slug String Band

Hug the Earth Songs

Listen to Song Lyrics Sheet  Practice Video
Ants Song Sheet   Video
Beaks & Feet Song Sheet   
Dirt Made My Lunch Song Sheet      
Everything Needs a Home Song Sheet  
FBI Song Sheet Video
Food Chain Song Sheet  
Habitat Habitat Song Sheet Video
Heat & Pressure Song Sheet Video
I'm a Tree Song Sheet  
No Bones Song Sheet  
Roots Stems Leaves Song Sheet Video
Vertebrate 5   Video
Water Cycle Boogie Song Sheet Video
Weathering Erosion Deposition Song Sheet  
What Do Animals Need Song Sheet Video

Watershed Songs

Listen to Song Lyrics Sheet  Practice Video
Listen Song Sheet Video
One Drop Of Water Song Sheet  
One Little River Song Sheet Video
Storm Drain Blues Song Sheet Video
Water Cycle Boogie Song Sheet Video
We All Live Down Stream Song Sheet  

Hug the Earth School Festival Performances

Click this link to view your class' performance with the Banana Slug String Band. Remember they will be listed under their grade as of last May, 2015.

General Program Materials

Custom Programs

If you are interested in a custom program please contact Cinda Hanbuch-Pinkerton at 937-667-1286.

Teacher Workshops

The Park District provides teacher workshops on a variety of topics.  Please contact Cinda Hanbuch-Pinkerton at 937-667-1286 to find out about these programs. Custom workshops are available upon request.

Family Nature Quest

FAMILY NATURE QUEST is in the schools with over 1,000 families involved in this Miami County Park District nature club which encourages families to increase their time together doing activities and explorations outside. Click the link above or watch this short video to find out more about this program. If your school is interested in participating in this program please contact Cinda at our Education Office 937-667-1286.

Quest Program Materials

Habitat Heroes - Hug the Pollinators Program

The “Habitat Heroes-Hug the Pollinators” innovative, is a multi-faceted education program developed by the Miami County Park District to raise awareness of the importance pollinators and inspire behavioral changes that help protect and increase pollinator habitat in Ohio.

The program incorporates hands-on outdoor exploration, art, literature, native habitat development and music by the Banana Slug String Band. The program is offered through the parks and libraries and also curriculum-based school education programs. The “Habitat Heroes – Hug the Pollinator” book series includes: Pollinators, Where the Dandelions Grow, Pollinator Nation, Habitat Hero, Go Organic, Garden Party, Do the Pollinator Dance, Don’t Swat It and Bio Control.

This program was made possible through and Ohio Environmental Education Foundation Grant through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Hug the Pollinators Songs

Listen to Song Lyrics Sheet  Practice Video
Bio Control Song Sheet Video
Don't Swat It Song Sheet Video
Garden Party Song Sheet  
Go Organic Song Sheet Video
Habitat Heroes Song Sheet Video
Let the Dandelions Grow Song Sheet Video
Pollinator Dance  Song Sheet  
Pollinator Nation Song Sheet  
Pollinators Song Sheet Video


Contact Information


Environmental Education Director
Cinda Hanbuch-Pinkerton

Education Office
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