Parks help build healthy communities by providing opportunities to improve the physical and mental health of its citizens.


Healthy lifestyles ...Inspired by Nature

Studies continually show that being outside benefits you in a variety of ways. Some of these benefits include reduced stress levels, increased concentration and better mood. 

Your Parks also protect the natural resources that help provide clean water and air throughout Miami County. Wetlands and healthy lands support high quality water, while trees improve air quality through removal of pollution and carbon storage. These benefits contribute to the overall health and well-being of our community. 

COVID-19 & Your Parks

COVID-19 and social distancing in your parks.

The safety of the Miami County Park District staff, volunteers, guests and community is a top priority and the park district is taking appropriate action to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020 all Miami County Park District indoor facilities and restrooms are closed and trash receptacles have been removed until further notice. Please be prepared to "Leave No Trace" by taking your trash with you when you leave. It is imperative to limit staff exposure to COVID-19 in order to provide essential operations for clean, safe parks. It is equally important that we do our part in preventing citizen exposure and supporting social distancing.

The Miami County Park District parks and the Great Miami River Recreational Trail will remain open for individuals to explore, get some fresh air and enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Please be aware that there is a limit on the number of people allowed at Charleston Falls Preserve at any one time and visitors may be turned away. We encourage you to take this opportunity to visit one of our other beautiful parks! 

All guests visiting the parks are recommended to take preventative action when visiting including self-monitoring and practicing social distancing.

Healthy Activities …Inspired by Nature

Being active outside is a small but powerful change you can make to improve your health and well-being. 

The Park District offers a variety of programs and events that can help you get on the path to better health. Each opportunity offers something a little different. 

Healthy Kids …Inspired by Nature

Being physically active outside is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle, however children today are not getting enough time outdoors. They spend an average of seven hours a day in front of a screen. This behavior creates disconnect from the natural world, resulting in a multitude of negative consequences in social behaviors. Research has shown that there are important benefits of being active outdoors such as stress reduction, relief from depression, increased self-esteem and decreased risk of obesity. Check out our Children's Rx for Nature program to learn more about the connection between nature play and children's health. 

The Park District offers a variety of opportunities to get your child outdoors and active once again...

  • Eco-Splorers
  • Trailing Moms & Tots
  • Naturalist Adventure Series
  • Ramble Quest
  • Natural Play Areas
  • Storybook Trail 
  • Preschool in the Park
  • Fishing                                

Healthy Adults …Inspired by Nature

Several studies have shown that having access to nature is vital to our health. Getting outside has many positive effects on our physical, emotional and social well-being. Just being outside for twenty minutes a day can greatly improve your overall health. An increase in concentration, mood and physical fitness are just some on the benefits you can reap while enjoying the great outdoors. Not to mention, you can decrease your risk for heart attack, improve your impulse control and reduce stress. Start improving your physical and mental health today by utilizing Your Parks and the many programs we offer!

  • Music in the Parks
  • Geocaching
  • Nature Connection
  • Dog Socials
  • Trail Run Challenge
  • Volunteer
  • Adult Exploration Hikes
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Fishing
  • The Great Outdoor Bird Count Walk

Healthy Seniors …Inspired by Nature

Regular contact with nature can help provide better health, happiness and a longer life. Studies have shown that people who live around open green spaces and spend more time outside in the sunlight live longer lives. In addition, seniors will engage in more physical activity when it is done outside. This is excellent news, especially since being outdoors has so many benefits. These benefits include increased vitamin D levels, decreased risk of diabetes, improved heart health and reduced risk of colon cancer. To improve your health and well-being, the Park District offers different programs in order to get you outdoors! 

  • Adult Exploration Hikes
  • Ramble Quest
  • Dog Socials
  • The Great Outdoor Bird Count Walk
  • Become a VIP
  • Music in the Parks
  • Fishing                     

Healthy Families …Inspired by Nature 

Engaging in physical activity outside as a family can be a fun way to get everyone inspired to move. Studies show that kids who believe they are competent and have the skills to be physically active are more likely to be physically active. Those who feel supported by friends and families to become active or are surrounded by others interested in physical activity are also more likely to participate. Plus there are many different benefits of being active together outside; better connections can be formed while outside, increased immune activity for all and everyone will benefit from a better mood. Here are a few activities that you and your family can consider to get started on a path to a healthier lifestyle!

  • Geocaching
  • Canoe Floats
  • Naturalist Adventure Series
  • Family Discovery Hikes  
  • Ramble Quest
  • Dog Socials
  • Seasonal Special Events

Healthy Environment …Inspired by Nature

Part of the Park District’s Mission is to protect the natural resources of Miami County. Natural resources provide so many different free benefits to our community.  Healthy wetlands, forests and prairies all help to greatly improve the quality of our watershed. Actually, it is estimated that the numerous forests and wetlands of the U.S. provide approximately $5.2 billion in annual savings toward water treatment. The trees at the parks also improve air quality through the removal of pollution and carbon storage. One acre of tree cover can store and average of 40 tons of carbon and remove 1.2 tons of carbon per year! We are protecting air and water quality in Miami County not only by conserving these natural resources but through education and volunteer opportunities such as storm drain stenciling, tree planting and river clean-ups. 

Healthy Homes …Inspired by Nature

Having a healthy home is a way to get on the track to better living. Living sustainably at home might mean taking large or small steps in your everyday life to make your surroundings cleaner and healthier. However no matter how big, these changes don't require major investments of time or money, so don’t get scared away! Plus the result is living in a cleaner environment for you and your family. For recipes on Earth friendly cleaning products download our Green Booklet.  For tips on what you can do in your home please visit the EPA Sustainability website.  

Healthy Foods …Inspired by Nature

Eating well is a big part of becoming the healthiest you. It not only matters what you are consuming, but also, from where that food is coming. Buying sustainable, local food is a great way to start shrinking Miami County’s ecological footprint. By purchasing locally grown foods you help maintain farmland and green and/or open space in Miami County. Plus, you can find out how your food was grown. You can ask what practices they use to raise and harvest their crops. Purchasing local will also contribute to the local economy. The money that is spent with local farmers and growers all stays close to home and is reinvested in our community. There are many great sites for finding local farmers, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), farmers’ markets and artisanal producers. Click on the links below to start your local food search!

  • Local Harvest
  • Downtown Troy Farmers Market
  • Tipp City Farmers Market
  • Fulton Farms
  • Piqua Community Farmers’ Market 

Healthy Parks …Inspired by Nature 

No matter where you live, there is a park just around the corner just waiting to be discovered. So get out there and be inspired by nature! Below are just some of the parks we recommend visiting while on your journey to a healthier you!

  • Charleston Fall Preserve
  • Lost Creek Reserve
  • The Great Miami River Recreational Trail
  • Stillwater Prairie Reserve
  • Hobart Urban Nature Preserve
  • Garbry Big Woods Reserve