kids playing on the bikeway at Farrington ReserveBy Mike Ullery - Piqua Daily Call

Piqua City Schools employee Tara Hall is all smiles as she and a number of her co-workers volunteer to prepare and distribute 800 hot lunches and 800 breakfasts to Piqua City Schools students on Monday. In addition to the 1600 meals distributed curbside at PCIS, another 1200 meals were handed out at Piqua High School.

The bike path at Farrington Reserve and all other Miami County Park District outdoor facilities are open for business. The park district is encouraging residents to continue to use the parks and enjoy the outdoors while practicing safe social distancing.

A group of kids get some fresh air and exercise at the Miami County Park District Farrington Reserve over the weekend.

Miami East staff members Jancie Jackson, Ronda Horton, Rene Dyke, Mel Sowry, and Jackie Winner prepare sack lunches for Miami East students in the kitchen at Miami East High School last week.

Josalyn Abrams of Troy unloads products from a skid at Haren’s Meat Market in Troy last week. Haren’s, along with other food suppliers in the area, are working tirelessly to keeps shelves stocked and customers happy.

Truck driver Carl Storms of R+L Carriers boards his truck as he completes a delivery in Troy and heads to another stop last week.

Parents line up for blocks, waiting for distribution of lunches and breakfasts by Piqua City Schools staff members at PCIS on Monday.