"Restore Balance. Most children have technology, school and extracurricular activities covered. It is time to add a pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of sunshine and a big handful of Outdoor play" - Penny Whitehouse

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Why It's Important

Studies worldwide have shown that children are  healthier, happier, and smarter through outdoor play, exploration and learning. Currently, the average American boy or girl spends 4-7 minutes of unstructured play outside each day and 7 hours in front of an electronic screen. Connecting children and nature has important health benefits. Research shows that outdoor time helps children grow lean and strong, enhances imaginations and attention spans, decreases aggression, promotes cooperation and boosts academic performance.  

Each registrant will receive a free t-shirt after turning in their first 100 hour increment of the tracker sheet.


Registration is easy and free of charge. Follow this LINK to register now. You may participate in the program without registering but you must register to be eligible to win the prizes. 


  • Get families outside everyday, and strive for 1000 hours outside over the next year!     
  • Educate on the benefits of providing an environment for growing children that encourage outdoor play and exploration.     
  • Encourage families to take action, we will be offering rewards.


We will be supporting families in their outdoor adventures with various ideas and enticers to get their family outside. Use this 1,000 Hour Tracking Sheet to log the time you spend outside.

Family Nature Quest Books    

Family Nature Quest books with outdoor activities will be posted in the Outside Everyday Challenge Facebook group or you can access them by following this link.

Facebook Group Prize Drawings

Check out these incentives for participating and sharing experiences in the group Facebook page - for each comment or photo that you post on the Facebook page, you will get an entry into various drawings (make sure your Facebook page is set to "public" so that we can see it). The Facebook group is a private group that you can request permission to join after you register for the program

Follow this link to the OUTSIDE EVERYDAY CHALLENGE Facebook Group to request permission to join and start the fun!

Bingo Cards

Weather appropriate outside activities and a monthly bingo sheet with daily activity ideas will be provided. Submit your completed BINGO card  here by the last day of each month in order to be entered into the prize drawing. The prize drawing will be held the first week of each month and winners will be notified by email and in the Outside Everyday Challenge Facebook group.

January May September
February June October
March July November
April August December


Participants will receive an email notifying them that prizes are ready to be picked up at the administrative office at Lost Creek Reserve. All winners of the prize drawings will have prizes shipped directly to their homes. Complete this form as you achieve each 100 hour increment. The drawing will be held the first day of each month.

Please contact Naturalist Rachel Fuller at rfuller@miamicountyparks.com to arrange a time to pickup a backpack.


Covington Eagles

Scott Family McDonald's

Park District VIPs

WACO Air Museum

The Cincinnati Zoo

Troy Fish & Game Club