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Cicada Season - Brood-X

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the so-called “Brood X” cicadas are set to emerge in parts of western and central Ohio after 17 years underground. The cicadas will begin to emerge when the soil, eight inches beneath the ground, reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This typically happens between late-April and mid-May. Shortly after emerging, cicadas will climb a vertical surface, like tree trunks, shed their exoskeletons, and develop into winged adults. The dried, shed exoskeletons are orangish in color and may remain in place or on the ground for several weeks.

This is a great opportunity for children to learn about this fascinating process - use this free worksheet created by Park District Naturalists.

For more information on Brood-X follow this link

Family Nature Quest

FAMILY NATURE QUEST encourages families to increase their time together doing activities and explorations outside. Click the link above or watch this short video to learn more about this program. Click on the link above to learn more. 

If you are completing a virtual storybook trail for prizes, please use this Journal Page.

Trailing Moms & Tots

This program is for expectant mothers, mothers and tots 0 - 5 years of age. Participants can socialize, play and exercise during this walk. Be sure to dress for the weather. Click here to view the program schedule.

Mother Nature’s Pre-school

This program is for children 3-5 years old and an adult companion. You are invited to attend and enjoy learning about a different nature topic each month. A story and craft is tied into this pre-school learning experience. Click here to view the program schedule and topics. 

Explore On Your Own

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has many educational field guides for you to use as you explore the great outdoors. They are available through their website. Click here for the ODNR Publications Library - look for the Wildlife Identification Guides.

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