Come take a stroll on our trails through the rustling forest and prairie.

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Ramble Quest - A journey with a mission

If you feel adventurous, walk along the lazy river or past a rushing waterfall. What a great way to experience the various habitats right here in our Miami County Parks. Your challenge is to walk all the miles in Your Miami County Parks and earn a hiking stick medallion. 

Here Is How

  1. Download the Rubbing Station Map of the park.
  2. Go to that park with your map and a crayon or pencil to make your rubbing at the station. Feel free to use the back of the map to make your rubbings.
  3. Walk the trails to find all the stations on the map (hint...the stations are located on a nonliving object usually a sign post or fence). Please be sure to stay on the trails!
  4. Make a rubbing at each station. The rubbings must be recognizable and they must be an actual rubbing. Traced outlines will not be accepted. 
  5. Save all the rubbings from each park you visit. 
  6. When you complete all the rubbings at each of the parks, call our office at (937) 335-6273 to set up a time to collect your prize! Congratulations you have just traveled over 27 miles of trails. 
  7. Prizes will be given out until all prizes have been awarded. 

Ramble Quest Individual Park Brochures

Charleston Falls Preserve

Farrington Reserve

Garbry Big Woods Reserve & Sanctuary

Goode Prairie Preserve

Greenville Falls                     

Hobart Urban Nature Preserve                 

Honey Creek Preserve                                   

Lost Creek Reserve & Knoop Agricultural Center

Maple Ridge

Stillwater Prairie Reserve 

Stillwater Prairie Reserve - Rangeline 

Twin Arch Reserve