The mission of the Park District is to conserve natural resources and enrich the quality of life for the people of Miami County through stewardship, environmental education, outdoor experiences and passive leisure activities.

Child in front of park district sign

Our Vision

The Miami County Park District will continue to connect people with nature and contribute to quality of life through responsible conservation and stewardship. Protection of natural resources through preservation and management will continue to be the primary purpose of the organization. Maintaining healthy open spaces and native habitats improves water and air quality and provides an economic impact to the community. The Park District also intends to protect and share cultural resources, while promoting the importance of the natural and agricultural heritage within Miami County.

The Park District has established an outstanding environmental education program designed to increase appreciation and understanding of nature and land stewardship. The program will continue to educate children in Miami County with extensive school-based curriculum, field-trips to park locations and hands-on activities. There will also be new learning experiences and initiatives designed to better connect individuals and families with nature. The Park District will explore and promote partnership opportunities with schools, local businesses and outside agencies to continue providing extraordinary educational programs and services.

The Park District has an exemplary reputation for stewardship of natural landscapes and for clean, safe and well-maintained facilities. The Park District is also providing personal connections with individual residents, families and the entire community through high-quality public programs and special events. There will be an emphasis on programs, education and partnerships to promote health and wellness by encouraging outdoor activity and lifestyle improvements. The Park District intends to offer a variety of outdoor experiences that will build stronger connections with nature and contribute to the social, economic and environmental well-being in Miami County.