• Message from the DirectorAs Christmas approaches and things get really busy and hectic, don't forget to include some time to get away from the malls and the crowds and unplug from technology. Enjoy the solitude of one of your Miami County Parks. The serenity can be a real stress reliever. Check out the new overlook at Charleston Falls or the Robert J. Shook Bikeway Bridge between Troy and Piqua. 

      It is also a chance to get out at a family and spend some quality time together. Enjoy the splendor and unique perspective Mother Nature offers during the winter months. You're probably stressed and the kids are very excited for the holidays so a nice hike in the Parks can help get everyone balanced. 

      While in Your Parks, make sure to keep in mind some of the Leave No Trace Principles like "Leave What We Find" so everyone has a chance to enjoy the treasures found along the trail. Make sure to bundle up and wear layers while enjoying the great outdoors. 

      Have a wonderful Holiday Season - see you in Your Parks!

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    • Give the Gift of Green!
    • The holiday season is upon us and that means giving gifts, throwing parties and eating a lot of delicious food. This season give the gift of green by using some of these sustainable tips. Use reusable bags. Weather shopping for a gift or going to a grocery store, bring along reusable totes to eliminate paper and plastic bag use which will help conserve natural resources. Make room for new gadgets, toys and clothes by donating your outgrown items to your local charitable groups like Goodwill or S... (Read More)

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