• Message from the DirectorSummer is in full swing and it’s a great time to explore your parks! There are 15 conveniently located throughout Miami County with over 30 miles of nature trails and 10.5 miles of bikeway. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a hike or bike ride. De-stress or read a book on one of the many park benches waiting for you along the trail. No matter what you choose, visiting your favorite park is a great way to get outside and get healthy. 

      Our program calendar is full of activities and events, so make sure to check it out. Whether you enjoy music, adventure or time with your favorite canine, there are plenty of outdoor experiences waiting for you. If you’re looking to do something on your own, try geocaching, fishing or go canoeing on the Great Miami River. 

      Speaking of the Great Miami River, construction on the Robert J. Shook Bikeway Bridge is moving along, despite excessive flooding. The Bridge is now scheduled to open late September. Once finished, it will connect to over 330 miles of trails in southwestern Ohio, making it part of the Nation’s largest network of paved, off-street trails! 

      We hope to see you in Your Parks!

  • Upcoming Programs
    • Eco-Splorers "Knee Deep Nature"
    • Adult Exploration Hike
    • Spider Sniff
  • Park of the Month
    • Garbry Big Woods Reserve
    • Monarchs & Milkweed
    • Monarchs are one of the most recognized and well-loved invertebrate in North America. Unfortunately, their future is looking quite bleak. The significant loss of these beloved creatures is due to habitat loss, disappearance of food, extreme weather events and insecticide and herbicide use. Due to these factors, the monarch population has declined by almost 95 percent since the 1990s. 

      However, you may be able to help reduce the loss of these magnificent butterflies. One of the best... (Read More)

    • Ecosystem Services
    • Ecosystem services are benefits the environment produces that we often take for granted. Some of these services include timber, clean water and air, agricultureproducts, pest control, disease regulation and more! Ecosystems and the plants and animals that live within them provide these goods and services that would be very difficult to duplicate otherwise. Not to mention if we did have toduplicate them, it would cost trillions of dollars. Many of these services are seemingly “free.” Because of t... (Read More)
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