• Message from the Director

      It has been a cold, snowy winter, and we are all getting anxious for spring. Be sure to make the most of the last few weeks of this season by heading out to one of Your Parks. Don’t let the cold temperatures keep you inside. Due to the lack of foliage, you can see things you don’t normally see, like bald eagles or maybe even a snowy owl! On many sections of the bikeway, you can see through the woods all the way to the Great Miami River.

      One of the most beautiful sites this time of year is seeing ice form at many of the Parks. Check out Charleston Falls Preserve, Greeneville Falls State Scenic River Area, the bikeway at Peterson Road and several of the Parks along the Stillwater River to see these amazing formations. Don't miss out on the chance because before you know it, spring will be here with it all its vibrant colors as nature awakes from its winter slumber.
      See you in Your Parks!

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    • Froggie Night Hike
    • Dog Social "Just Walking the Dog"
    • Night Legends "Good Old Fashion Campfire"
  • Park of the Month
    • Stillwater Prairie Reserve
    • Follow A Trail
    • Whether hiking or biking, there are many trails to choose from in Miami County. The Great Miami River Recreation Trail has over ten miles of bike trail where you can bike, roller blade or walk your dog. Not to mention there are 12 different Miami County Parks with over 23 miles of hiking trails traversing through different landscapes such as rolling hills, prairies, woodlands and ravines. Don't forget about the water trails. Multiple parks have water access to the Great Miami River and the Sceni... (Read More)

    • Spring Morn
    • By Shannon Cothran

      Can you see the flowers peaking?
      Their eyes above the ground?
      Stretching for the fiery sun,
      Yet never utter a sound.
      Do you hear the birds a'singing?
      They're calling all their news,
      Tweeting all day and humming all night,
      Whispering a one-tune blues.
      Have you felt the dewy grass in the morn?
      Now you've spilled all the ... (Read More)
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