• Message from the Director

      Summer is here and it is a great time to get outside and active! Not to mention the perfect time of year to take up a new outdoor hobby— there are so many, you’ll be sure to find one that peaks your interest. Check out different apps available for plant, tree or bird identification. Go on a “treasure hunt” looking for the geocaches in the Parks or take a hike looking for Ramble Quest signs.  Maybe you have always wanted to try fishing, check out our ponds at Stillwater Prairie, Twin Arch, Garbry Big Woods and Maple Ridge. No fishing license required at these Park ponds. Take up canoeing or kayaking on the Great Miami or Stillwater Rivers. Several Parks, including Farrington Reserve, Maple Ridge Reserve, Stillwater Prairie Reserve and Twin Arch Reserve have boat access. Get some more great ideas on what to do this summer by checking out our Program Calendar and registering for a program today. 

      I hope to see you in Your Parks!!

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