• Message from the Director

      Spring has officially arrived and the signs are popping up all over the parks. You can see and hear new birds along the trail. The wildflowers have started blooming, especially at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary and Maple Ridge Reserve. It’s also time for field trips to the parks for local students participating in our school programs. With warm temperatures and beautiful scenery, consider walking or running in the parks as a way to shed winter weight and prepare for the 2016 Trail Run Series.  

      Don’t forget to check our website or “like” us on Facebook to and find out how you can get your park picture in the paper. Our photo contest is going on all year.  I hope to see you in your parks!

  • Upcoming Programs
    • Owls & Howls
    • NEW DATE - Nature Connection
    • Dog Social "Fashion Charity Show"
  • Park of the Month
    • Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary
    • Let's Grow Together!
    • Nothing says springtime like the sprouts and smells in a garden. This month, in honor of National Garden Month we’d like to remind you of the many benefits of gardening.  Local and private gardens provide the freshest, most nutrient dense produce. The fresh food in grocery stores has often traveled across the county to get to your table, and in the process their taste and nutrient levels diminish.  Studies suggest that children involved in gardening are more than twice as likely to try... (Read More)

    • Stress Won't Stand a Chance
    • When it comes to quelling stress, there are dozens of research-backed remedies. But the most effective treatment will always be the one you choose to stick with. When you’re stressed, your brain races from thought to thought which often tend to be anxious and infused with dread.  Researchers now believe that a combination of non-pharmacologic measures could help most people manage stress and reduce the number of stress related visits to the doctor.  These include regular exercise, mind... (Read More)
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