• Message from the Director

      School is out and summer is here!  This is a great time to get the kids and yourself outside and active!  Take up a new hobby... Check out the different apps available for plant, tree or bird identification.  Go on a “treasure hunt” looking for the geocaches in the parks or take a hike looking for the Ramble Quest signs.  Maybe you have always wanted to try fishing, check out our ponds at Stillwater Prairie Reserve, Twin Arch Reserve, Garbry Big Woods Reserve and Maple Ridge Reserve – no fishing license required.  Summer is also a great time to take up canoeing or kayaking on the Great Miami or Stillwater Rivers.  We have several parks along the rivers with boating access.  Finally, don’t forget to check out our extensive, exciting summer program calendar to see all of the great things we have going on.

      I hope to see you in your parks!!

  • Upcoming Programs
    • FULL - Preschool in the Park Fairies of Nature
    • FULL - Beginning Archery 3-day session
    • Bookmobile in the Parks "Sports Olympics"
  • Park of the Month
    • Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary
    • Improving Children's Health - Naturally!
    • Sedentary lifestyles are contributing to numerous health problems plaguing today’s children. As a result, this may be the first generation of children at risk of having a shorter lifespan than their parents. Childhood obesity, asthma, attention-deficit disorder, and vitamin D deficiency have all increased over the past few decades and many of these preventable conditions lead to pulmonary, cardiovascular and mental health problems in adulthood. 

      Unstructured, outdoor activity often... (Read More)

    • Summer Vacation - Bring Back Memories Not Invasive Pests!
    • Summer is a popular time for travel to various places all over the country and even the world. When traveling, even outside your own county…yes, COUNTY…what you bring back with you really does matter. It is important to protect against the spread of invasive plant pests and disease in order to help keep our agriculture, forests, prairies and aquatic life safe! Safeguard against inadvertently introducing invasive species to your area by following the Leave No Trace principals and leave what you f... (Read More)
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