• Message from the DirectorThe Holiday Season inspires us to look back on the past year and is an opportunity for a reset for the New Year. It reminds us of those things that the Park District is thankful for. The support we receive from the community continues to be tremendous. The numerous volunteers,partners, park users, donors and the citizens of Miami County continue to answer the call whenever they are needed. It is very humbling to see all of the support that we receive. 

      As we move into 2017, we will be celebrating our 50 anniversary. Look for a special commemorative logo that we will use for this year. We look forward to sharing the many great stories people have shared with us about the impact the Park District has made on our community. 

      We wish you a new year filled with good health and invite you to make visits to your parks part of your healthy lifestyle. Most of all, we look forward to serving the people of Miami County and providing them that continued opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Miami County Park District. 

      Here’s to another 50 years!! See you in the Parks!

  • Upcoming Programs
    • Naturalist Adventure Series "Tracks in the Snow"
    • Nature Play Date
    • Syrup Sundays
  • Park of the Month
    • Charleston Falls Preserve
    • Education Grant Now Live!
    • The 2017-2018 Grant Application is now available. All schools in Miami County that wish to further their knowledge of the environment through a curriculum based program may apply. This grant affords the opportunity for schools to get transportation to and from the different Miami County Parks that will be visited during this program.If you have applied for this grant in the past, make sure t... (Read More)

    • Healthy Weight Week
    • An essential factor in wellness is to have a healthy weight- but how exactly is that defined?  Many would agree that healthy weight is your natural weight largely determined by genetics. If you come from a family of larger or smaller people, you are likely to be similar in size. When environmental and behavioral factors become involved people tend to see their weight become disproportionate to their genetics.  In terms of being healthy, your physical condition, desired appearance and m... (Read More)
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