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      The cold and snow of winter has settled upon us. Even though you may not want to be outside, this is a great time to be in the parks to see and do things you normally would not. With 15 different parks conveniently located throughout Miami County, it’s easy to get outside and connect with nature.  There are over 30 miles of nature trail in addition to the more than 10 miles of bike trail to give you variety in your exercise.  The views through the woods are very open and you can see through to the Great Miami River in more sections of the bikeway.  Not to mention it makes it easier to spot wildlife like the snowy owl or bald eagle.  The most beautiful is the ice forming at Charleston Falls, Greenville Falls, the bikeway at Peterson Road, and several of the parks along the Stillwater River.  The maple sap will be flowing soon at Maple Ridge. Be sure to check that out.  Before you know it, spring will be here and the colors will be peaking through the ground.  I can’t wait for that!  See you in the parks!

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    • Great Backyard Bird Count Walk
    • Great Backyard Bird Count Walk
    • Dog Social "Valentine Dog Lovers"
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    • Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary
    • Oh that Cold Crisp Air of Winter!
    • Have you ever walked outside on a cold, winter day and inhaled a crisp, biting breath of air? Think about it. It smelled somewhat different than if you did the same thing on a warm day, right? There are a few reasons why, beyond the obvious difference of seasonal sources of smells. According to scientist, one thing that's going on is slower movement of odor particles. Cold air more dense and thus fewer smells making it to your nose. Another reason we smell less in cold air is because our noses d... (Read More)

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