• Message from the Director

      The weather so far has been warmer than normal and many of you have been taking advantage of it.  Even though you may not want to be outside when it’s cold, winter is a great time of year to visit your parks and see the things you wouldn’t normally see. With bare trees, it is a good time to catch a glimpse of some of the unique birds residing in our County, like the bald eagle or snowy owl. It also opens the view through the woods to Great Miami River on many sections of the bikeway. One of the most beautiful sights are the ice formations at Charleston Falls, Greenville Falls, the falls along the bikeway at Peterson Road, and several of the parks along the Stillwater River.  

      Make sure to get outside this winter. Find something that inspires you like better health, unique wildlife or amazing views. Whatever your reason, just do it. With 15 different parks conveniently located throughout Miami County, you’re never far away. 

      See you in your parks!

  • Upcoming Programs
    • Naturalist Adventure Series "Rock Hounds"
    • Health Trekkers
    • VIP Kreature Kite Fly
  • Park of the Month
    • Charleston Falls Preserve
    • Education Grants Due 3/31/17
    • The 2017-2018 Grant Application is now available. All schools in Miami County that wish to further their knowledge of the environment through a curriculum based program may apply. This grant affords the opportunity for schools to get transportation to and from the different Miami County Parks that will be visited during this program.If you have applied for this grant in the past, make sure... (Read More)

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