• Message from the Director 3/30/2017 5:28:33 PM
  • Spring has officially arrived and the parks are alive with the signs. Spring peepers are back and the wildflowers have started blooming,especially at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary, Stillwater Prairie Reserve and Maple Ridge Reserve. Make sure when you’re out enjoying the beautiful spring sights, to Leave No Trace by leaving things the way you found them. That way others can enjoy.

    If you are trying to shed a few of those unwanted winter pounds, take to the trails for your daily walk or run. Changing up your workouts to include outdoor activitiy can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier. If you are looking for motivation, take part in our sixth annual Trail Run Challenge 5k series – walkers and runners welcome!

    Don’t forget to check out our website and “like” us onFacebook to help Celebrate our 50th Anniversary by sharing your memories and to take part in our weekly Favorite Friday and Time Hop Tuesday posts. I hope to see you in Your Parks!

  • Stress Awareness Month 4/11/2017 1:36:11 PM
  • The American Public Health Association confirms that just being around nature is enough to noticeably increase relaxation, which relieves stress. This form of exercise, when aerobic can even invigorate the body and help regulate stress on a cellular level. Hiking also attacks stress directly through an often overlooked aspect of the hiking repertoire: the freedom to think without distraction. While some hikers prefer using their time to fully take in the sounds of nature around them, many are able to take total advantage of the relative silence to spend time thinking deeply on issues that matter to them. The combination of aerobic exercise with deep thinking is more effective at strengthening the body's internal system of stress management than exercise alone. Next time you feel stress taking a front stage presence, try hiking atrail through a local pristine park. Let nature revitalize you from your senses to your core.