• August is Tree Check Month 8/1/2017 5:25:37 AM
  • The month of August is dedicated to checking your trees for Asian Longhorned Beetles(ALB). ALB hurts our trees and our communities. Over 80,000 trees have been killed nationally due to this invasive pest. During this month the beetle is more active, so it can be easier to spot and see the signs. First, learn how to recognize the ALB by watching this video. Throughout the month we will be encouraging you to spread the word, check your trees and report the ALB! Video:
  • Habitat Highlight - The Prairie 8/1/2017 5:19:49 AM
  • It’s July,and heat and humidity have settled in for the duration of the summer. Many of our woodland wildflowers have gone dormant until next spring, but prairies arejust now entering peak season. From July to early August, there are breathtaking flower shows at Honey Creek Preserve, Hobart Urban Nature Preserve and Stillwater Prairie Reserve Rangeline Access.  Yellow waves of black-eyed Susan, gray-headed coneflower and various species of sunflowers are dominating the show, while the varying shades of blue and purple, Liatris, bee balm, purple coneflower and ironweed, add a pleasing contrast to the sea of yellow. An added bonus is the multitude of insects and birds you will observe. Butterflies, moths and dragonflies are common in prairies, so you may wish to bring along guide books to help identify the variety of species you will see! Get out and enjoy the beauty of the Your Parks’ prairies soon because by mid-August the Big Bluestem and Indian Grasses will tower over the remaining wildflowers, and the show willbe over until next year.